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Thanks so much.
I can't believe how well this product 
keeps my eczema 
in check -
so much better than the steroid ointments I have had to use
in the past.
Jo, Christchurch

Thank you for your semi-miraculous product! I tried many other things including various medicines, but none of them had as good an effect. I think because you've combined several things into a coherent plan
​(the salt, oils, and the moisturiser). 
Palmerston North

Hello, I recently bought your products at Big Boys Toys in Auckland and just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you, your products are amazing!

I have had problems with dermatitis like symptoms on my hands and feet for most of my life, I would get a severe rash mostly due to heat or sometimes just whenever it decided to pop up. It would sometimes be to the extent that it would be so bad on my feet that I wouldn't be able to walk and write because my hands would be so swollen and dry.
I have been to specialists and so many doctors who have all prescribed many different creams and gels that would never work continuously, my parents have spent so much money over the years trying to find something that works for me.
I used your products twice in one week and my feet cleared up so quickly and didn't leave them dry and thin skinned like the other creams I had been prescribed.
Sorry to waffle on but I just wanted to sincerely say thank you so much, your products are really a life changer for me and I will recommend them where ever I can!
Thanks, Kate

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