All about the Genie in a Jar Products

The BODY SCRUB exfoliates, cleanses, heals, and moisturises the skin.  The body scrub is made from all natural sea salts,  sourced from Blenheim right here in New Zealand.

The salt has been crushed, washed, kiln dried, sterilized
and  then screened.  Plus 6 essential oils blended together
in Macadamia Nut oil. 

When a small amount is massaged into the skin the sea salts gently exfoliate off any dry, dead skin cells.  This opens the pores and allows the essential oils to penetrate deep down
into your skin, therefore maximising healing and
moisturising benefits.

After the excess salt is washed from the skin you are left
with super soft and smooth skin.  You now also have a waterproof protective barrier covering your skin that helps
it retain it's own natural oils and moisturisers.  

All this is accompanied by a refreshing heavenly scent which 
has been decribed by many as the "WOW" factor!!  
​Not a girly flowery smell either and it wont clash

with perfumes and colognes.

This means...  that now, every time you wash your hands,

they will not dry out. This is what makes it so beneficial for

hard working hands such as farmers, gardeners, nurses, mechanics, hairdressers, mothers and tradesmen of any kind!!

Look at the colour of the water!!

The MOISTURISER is very light, non greasy and deeply penetrating. It allows your skin to breathe and grow.  It is a perfect companion for the body scrub.  It is used on alternate days to the body scrub to provide you with optimum skin health and anti- ageing properties.  You can wear it on your face even under make up without it leaving your face greasy and shinny. Also proven good on itchy bites and sunburn. 

The moisturiser is made from the same 6 essential oils as

the scrub and these are blended with the perfect base of

Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Jojoba.


Lemon Myrtle - to soothe dry skin, it contains natural 

antifungal, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Lime - to strengthen and nurture dry and brittle nails.

Peppermint - is cooling and soothing on red inflamed 

itchy skin and on tired achy feet.

Bergamot - is included to energise the senses and give an uplifting feeling of wellness.

Mandarin - is proven to improve scars and acne and make a 
good toner for oily skin.

Patchouli -  it is so good for skin that we just couldn’t

leave it out.


Macadamia oil - It's chemical profile is very similar to that

of human sebum which moisturises, replenishes and rejuvenates the appearance of sensitive, damaged,

dry or mature skin. It contains Phytosterols that are protective,

aiding in the skins recovery. They work like cortisone on 

the skin helping to reduce itchiness and inflammation. 

The linoleic fatty acid content makes it great for a skin 

that has difficulty retaining moisture

Jojoba oil - which is a well known and a remarkable moisturising oil that conditions dry skin and includes antioxidants and

Vitamin E which is believed to visibly slow the ageing process.

Sweet Almond oil - This has been used for centuries by Mediterranean women for it’s valuable antioxidants and

moisturising properties.

Shea butter which provides excellent moisture retention properties, helps to improve the appearance of skin texture, vitality and natural beauty.

Sea salt from Blenheim

What do our cutomers say!
I love your moisturiser - it’s a beautiful product
Using your moisturiser is
one of my favourite morning rituals! I really love
 using it and don’t want to ever run out! 
Adrienne, Hamilton

What do our cutomers say!
I first bought the product at your stand at the art festival event at Mission Bay a few weeks ago.
My baby had really bad dry spots on her knees and legs and within a week of using the cream the dry areas had almost gone. Elise, Papakura

What do our cutomers say!
Love your products, particularly good for my dogs allergy to Wandering Jew. She just rolls over when she sees me with the jar and loves to have it smeared on her tum! Certainly stops her scratching.
Cheers Linda, Wellington

What do our cutomers say!
The scrub and cream did wonders for my cracked feet (which seem a thing of the past now) and has done wonders for my forever present eczema.
Larissa, Maketu

What do our cutomers say!
I use your product and
bought it for my mother in-law for Christmas and we both love it.
My mum has arthritis in her hands and feet and also suffers from very dry itchy skin. We are not sure what causes this but she has lived with it for years. At the moment it is particularly bad however when she used some of my Genie ina  Jar she found it relieved the itch and dryness. She has tried moisturisers but is reluctant
to use them because she doesn't like the feeling of
most of them afterwards. 
She also dislikes that she has to continuously reapply them after washing her hands so does not bother.  She did however like the feel of your product.  The fact that it acts as a barrier which does not wash off easily, like creams
do so reapplication is not
such a chore for her.
Monique, Howick 


What do our cutomers say!
We love the products and they have worked a treat on my childrens acne.
Leah, Christchurch